Curriculum vitae


Background details

Full Name:         Zoltán Hegedűs

Date of Birth:     8th November 1952.

Place of Birth:    Fajsz

Nationality:        Hungarian

Material Status: Married (with three children)

Address: Cédulaház str.

               H-6000 Kecskemét

Tel:         36-76-485 053

Mobil:     36-20-9 221 875




Educational Background

I first graduated from College of Mechanical Engineering Automation in 1975,

second graduated from Technical University of Budapest in 1982,

and third graduated from Technical University of Budapest in 1985.


Professional Experience

From 1975 to 1985 several in company as design engineer.

From 1985 to 1991 at BRG ELMEX Rt. as head of Department of Technology Development

From 1991 to now at College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation in Automation Department as senior lecturer.



Dr. István Pintér Phd

Head of Automation and Informatic Department

Izsáki streat 10.  H- 6OOO Kecskemét

Tel.: OO-36- 76-516 300

Fax: OO-36-76-516 399

(with same address)


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